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A change of plans

Falror woke in unfamiliar surroundings yet was pleasantly surprised at the small room he’d taken at the Hare & Ass. Squeezed up in the attic space his room had no window, nor fireplace, though the room was warmed by the chimneybreast from the kitchen two floors below. His bed, more a cot really given the lack of space, was far more comfortable than the fleapit he had endured during the latter years of his apprenticeship, so, to Falror it felt like luxury.
After what was little more than perfunctory splash of water upon his face Falror headed downstairs and to the barroom, which even for this early hour, had customers.
“Excuse me, did I drink much of your ale last night?” Falror waited until the barkeeper was free, “I ask as I appear to have had a strange dream last night.”
“What you saw wasn’t the result of my ale.” Came the curt reply.
“Sorry, I did not mean to impugn, just explain.”
“What you saw defies explanation,” the corners of the barkeeper’s face lifted in a slight hint of a smile.
“I guess not.”
“So, breakfast? Unless you’re keen to go to the library on an empty stomach?”
“Library? I thought you had suggested Dentressangle’s, at the top of the town?”
“Yeah, sorry about that,” the barkeeper paused, “when you asked if there’s a library in this place, I took it as a slight against Wolverton.”
“You did?” Falror held off questioning the motives of his host and focussed instead on finding the best place to start his research, “Where would you suggest?”
“Off the top of my head, Meandering’s is a good place, not that you’ll get in, so head for the Scrollden Library, but don’t look too closely at the owner, just in case you see through him.”
“Okay…” Falror drew the word out.
A short while later, after a rather decent breakfast, Falror set off for the Scrollden library.

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