Vinnie "Winter" Meadows - Backstory

Vinnie was born Vincent Eugene Meadows in a small farming community not far from the capital city of a medium-sized kingdom in South Xott. He had three older sisters, who had all desperately wanted a baby brother, and so he was pampered and indulged throughout his childhood. Of course, girls being girls, Vinnie was usually also treated as a living doll, being dressed in various costumes and playing all manner of roles in their fantasy play, so it is no surprise that he became an accomplished actor. His parents were hard-working, loving folk who adored all their children and put them ahead of their own personal desires most of the time. The children had responsibilities and schooling, which they all took quite seriously, and overall, they grew up happy and comfortable.

When Vinnie started school in the small farming community, he met Tillothemew Iwanda, a dark-skinned boy two years his senior, and they became fast friends. It wasn't long before Tillo was spending most of his time at the Meadows farm, participating readily in all the elaborate games Vinnie's sisters were always staging for the entertainment of all. Being compelled, though not unwilling, to perform many roles, the boys soon began to study the mannerisms and voices of people in the village, which they then incorporated into the pretend scenarios the girls dreamed up. Soon they were accomplished mimics, which earned them quite a lot of adulation from their fellow children, and even most adults as the childhood games developed into neighborhood performances. Of course, some of the village men were a bit surly about being "mocked and exaggerated" by the children, but their wives usually brought them around to seeing the fun in it.

As they grew into teenagers, and eventually young men, the two boys were inseparable, letting nothing and no one come between them. They fought together and for each other, were completely loyal, and even managed to avoid problems with individual love interests, as Tillo was clearly interested in other boys, while Vinnie was most comfortable with girls.

Being the elder, Tillo Iwanda was the first of the two young men to leave their village, seeking wider fame and fortune in the nearby city. Vinnie was able to travel to the city as well, to visit his best friend, and soon they were both well established in the theater community, though Vinnie could only play bit-parts during his brief visits.

Nonetheless, by the time Vinnie was able to move to the city, he was much sought after for his acting ability and wide range-as well as his handsome youthful looks.
The two worked and lived together in the city for several years, building up their reputations and relationships with other actors, theater directors, producers, and writers, as well as the much­ needed patrons, as actors traditionally don't make much from their performances. Life was good for each of them separately and both of them together, until one day Tillo revealed to Vinnie that he had to leave, in a hurry, and that Vinnie should carry on without trying to find his only true friend; Tillo assured Vinnie that he would be okay, and he would send word as soon as he was established, though of course no one must ever know where he ended up. Tillo would not reveal the nature of his problem, begging Vinnie to simply trust him, that it was for the best, and that they would be reunited soon.

Of course, Vinnie heard all the rumors that sprang up after Tillo disappeared, and tried his best to pretend his friend had to leave because of the false rumors being spread, but scandal nonetheless tainted Vinnie's own career in the theater, and soon he had to move on as well, heading out to make what living he could as a traveling minstrel, playing his lute and singing out sad stories to match his mood, feeling lost and alone without his life-long friend.

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