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Summary: no


Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Elf




She works as a waitress in a tavern

Extremely stealthy, can create traps out of almost nothing, is quick thinking and creative. Survival skills



Physical Appearance

Raven black hair that frames her face; a curl of hair on one side of her face under her ear. Pale white skin and yellow eyes. Small, redish lips. 5' 9" and curvy. Small breasts and large hips

Personality and interests

Clumsy and awkward; social anxiety and has an anxiety disorder; creative and out spoken when she gets comfortable around someone new. She is a hopeless romantic with all the cringe.


Her mother was a human being who'd met an elven man during her travels as a bard when their paths crossed with a quest. During their adventure, they'd fallen in love and her mother got pregnant, but soon died during child birth. Her father raised her until she was 12 before passing her off to a mentor in his tribe. She felt she didn't fit in and decided that she no longer wanted to live as an elf when she was still half human. She now works as a waitress in a tavern, yearning for adventure

other details

She hopes for adventure and is a hopeless romantic.

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Image of Demeter
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