Early morning

Demeters eyes focused on the girl with green hair as she walked in. "Hi there! Welcome to Quincy's Tavern! What can I get started for you?" She asked gleefully as she placed on tap beers down in front of a table of 4 men. All four men, as well as the rest of the Taverns guests, turned their heads to stare at the unfamiliar face. One of the men, a very large and very drunk half-orc, winked at the woman; "Well I don't know everyone in town, but your face is one I'd remember seeing before. How are ya lass?" His words were slurred and slow. Demeter quickly stuffed a clean napkin in the Orcs mouth; "Really Roman? It's hardly past the break of dawn and the stench of alcohol on your breath alone could peel flesh clean off of the bone." She said with a sly smirk. The Orc waved a dismissive hand at her as his friends chuckled; "You're just jealous you don't have my attention." He responded. Demeter approached the woman; "what can I get for you love?"

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