OOC - World Description

The game world:
The island of Anticosti was first claimed by the French and during the seven-year war/French and Indian War was ceded to the British. The War of 1812 was effectively a stale mate with the only the island of Anticosti being captured by the American Navy and Marines. The island can be found in the mouth of the St. Lawrence sea-way, 138 miles long and 35 miles maximum breadth.

At the time, the US Government didn’t want to add another state to the union, due to continuing slave-free debates, therefore Liberty City is a Federal District. The population of the city is around 500k. The city is centered on the North Western side of the island. The eastern side of the island is dominated by the Joint Military Base. Much of the land between the city and the Military Base is designated as a national forest. Main industries include shipping, financial, and tourism (mainly in the national forest.)

When the United Nations needed a place for their headquarters, the United States set aside land in the Northern part of Liberty City. Nearby are a number of embassies of many of the member nations. And the high status citizens of Liberty City reside in the residences nearby. The city is well known for its mid to late 19th century architecture, with some modern buildings adding a modern twist.

There are two schools of higher learning on the Island. University of Liberty is located east of down-town, specializing in the sciences and engineering. Barnheart College , can be found in the central-southern part of the island, and is a typical New England small liberal arts college. Other areas of the school that are well known include its art, drama, and music programs. It is well known for its library, full of books and other material that can only be found there.

North and east of the college, one can find the old Samuel Jacobson estate. Having bought a large parcel after the 1812 war, The family made a significant amount of money in shipping and other industries. A number of the family served the country in the army and the navy. The remaining family died during the civil war. Per the families wishes the estate was divided a quarter was set aside for a school. And the rest was set-aside to take care of the veterans of the country they loved.

James Madison Academy
A boarding school located in the middle of the island.
Co-ed, includes students from grade 8-12.
On the north side of campus can be found the dorms and the dining commons. The dorm to the west is taller, being 5 stories and the eastern dorm 3 stories.
The south side has the classrooms.
Between the dorms and classroom is a large library with the school auditorium, and the administrative building (the original Jacobson mansion) and the athletics building.
Further south of the classrooms , a number of sports-fields can be found.
The students also can take advantage of education opportunities at the college and the university.
While the superhero program is kept secret, a select group of people know and help scout and or recruit students for the special program. This year those recruited are in the independent studies program.
Law enforcement in the city co-operates with superheroes, having a special liaison to work with them.
The normal police have several theories of where these young heroes come from. The most common theory connect them to the military or the United Nations.
There are a number of experienced heroes in the world. In Liberty City there is a small group associated with the United Nations. Another group, being part of the military occasionally will be found at the base. A small number of independents of various power levels have variously appeared.

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