continuing Elizabeth and Kikki

Elizabeth replies slowly, still in the soft voice with a slight accent,
'I really do not know. It seemed normal until recently.
If this is Monday, than Friday, my Uncle and I were somewhere in Quebec. My Uncle told me to pack and later that night we were in a hotel in Liberty City.
The next morning I was reading and my Uncle said he had an associate coming to talk business. As usual, he instructed me to stay quiet and out of the way. The person came in later that same day. I was reading in the living room, while my uncle and his friend talked quietly at the table. I could not hear what they were talking about. I saw the person staring at me a few times, the last time, i felt dizzy and almost dropped my book.
The next day, probably Sunday, my uncle instructed me to pack again, but this time the hired company took everything that day and that night my Uncle said he was leaving without me, that I would be going to school. he handed me a note and that night or it might have been Monday morning by then, another associate of my uncle dropped me off here.'

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