orientation - 2nd day

It was evening, it was morning , 2nd day,

It looks like another beautiful late summer, early autumn day.
Elizabeth wakes up early (around 6AM) and starts preparing for the day.
Wearing a pale blue mini-dress,, with high socks, her oversized blazer.
She will wait for the others again reading from the loose sheets, until someone else decides to go for breakfast.
Breakfast like previous meals has a main option, vegetarian option, but instead of salad, one has option for cereal, hot or cold. Choices for drinks, milk, juice, coffee, or tea. Main option pancakes with sausage, either pork, turkey, or vegetarian. Also available yogurt and fruit.

Elizabeth will serve herself oatmeal and a glass of milk.

Once everyone is done, they join the rest of the school in the auditorium to listen to a speech. The headmaster gives a typical speech about opportunities and the history of the academy and how it provides those opportunities. Also he introduces some of the faculty heads before dismissing the students.

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