continuing Elizabeth and Kikki

Elizabeth hands Kikki the note that the driver gave her. Unlike the letter that Kikki has, It is obviously not from the school as there is no letterhead, and is not signed and lacks a number of details that Kikki's letter has.

Elizabeth says, 'I was not told anything, but the fact my uncle wrote that I am enrolled in this school, and additionally emphasizes an independent studies program makes me think that while the school is normal, there must be something additional in the independent studies.'

'But then, I have never attended a school before, so I might be wrong and I do not know what a normal school is like.'

if Kikki reads the note, the notable things, besides what Elizabeth mentions are the lack of many details. The only detail that Elizabeth didn't reiterate is that Jack Harris is the teacher and will be holding a sign stating class 5B. There is no personal touches in the note and isn't even signed.

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