orientation - 2nd day

Elizabeth mentions Mr. Harris saying that he would meet with the group before the tests.

ooc:/ the tests are for either students who have non traditional academic backgrounds or skills acquired outside of school, or for students who want to 'test out' of a requirement.

While I don't expect to run classes, since it is a school, it adds to the background.

for reference, using my geographic area that says a student has to take 4 years english, 3 years of science, 3 years of history/social studies, 2 years of gym, 3 years of world language, 4 years of math, 2 years of art/music for graduation (and I might have forgotten a requirement, its been a while)

class levels include basic, college prep, honors, college level ( i forgot the collective term for basic) the nature of the academy, the majority will be in college prep or honors. basic is for students not ready for the college prep to get them into that level as quickly as possible.
Also, because of the nature of comic books and having the college and university nearby means if your character wants to take a specific course, consider it available. /ooc

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