the 'obstacle course' and Elizabeth's turn

After donning the suits, the students gather at the table with a clear view of the gym and the course that has been set up.

Mr. Harris will explain, today's obstacle course is not to stress anyone, but instead to gain a baseline of your abilities. So we have purposely made today's not difficult. More difficulty and complexity can be added later.

You will start at the first circle and move to the 'balance beam', a raised narrow path about 3" off the floor. (/occ requires a dexterity check) after the end of the beam you will move to the circle and will see a large target. either staying in the circle if you have a ranged attack or charging the target if you use melee, you will attack the target.
(3d6 vs ocv+11-2 (target dcv) )
After attacking the target in the form you would like, we ask if you have another way of moving to use that ability to move to the second circle. There we have an air cannon that will test your defenses. Don't worry about time as again this is so both us and your team can see what you can do. Any questions? After fielding questions, he will state Elizabeth, you're first today.'

For once, Elizabeth doesn't seem that nervous. She will move to the first circle, and start glowing a deep crimson, her white air reflecting the color of her force field. Setting off a jog she will step onto the balance beam, (rolled 8 vs dex roll of 13) she gracefully and easily walks across the beam.

Moving into the second circle her hands start sparking with a reddish lighting, which she hurls at the target, (ocv 6+11 -2 dcv therefore needs to roll 15 or less, rolling 12 on 3d6 makes a solid, if not a perfect strike) [ocv - offensive combat value, dcv - defensive combat value],
remembering Mr. Harris's request she takes a step into a glowing red disk and appears in the third circle. She indicates readiness and the cannon fires, the cannon does 7 stun vs pd, her force-field easily takes the attack.

Mr. Harris once Elizabeth is done, state Thank you, Elizabeth, who is next?

[ooc:/ feel free to ask questions and about mechanics if one is unfamiliar, this is a chance to get a little more familiar in a non-combat environment.]

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