obstacle course: Thomas

Thomas is impressed by Kikki. He gestures as if to roll up his sleeves, “OK, I can do this.”

He steps carefully onto the balance beam and tries to quickly dash across. He keeps his balance and makes it to the other side, for once looking almost like he knows what he’s doing. ((Rolls an 8 on a 12-))

In the first circle, he smirks a little and pauses. He shouts “Hadouken!” and, gesturing outward with his hands, a basketball-sized blue fireball shoots forth and strikes the target, which explodes violently, raining debris across the course. “Ha, take that!”

Then, a swirl of blue glowing motes surrounds him, and he sprouts a pair of wings, blue-and-green feathered wings like a tropical bird. Trailing blue wisps, he flies to the second circle.

The wings vanish and, looking back to the remains of the target, he shakes his head. “Oh, sorry, I forgot. You’ll probably need that again.” The pieces of the shattered target fly back together, reforming into the original, good as new.

Then, finally, he splits into three copies of himself, positioning one in the center of the circle, two on opposite edges. The two on the outside call to the one in the middle, “Sorry, we’ve voted, and you’re the one who gets zapped.” “Aw, come on, that’s not fair!” “Fair’s fair, two against one.” “Oh, all right, fire away.”

All three of him stand there, with a grin that’s just a little too wide, waiting for the air cannon.

((ooc: roll 12 to position an illusion (image) over the whole area, target is something like 14- (ocv 6, dcv 3 hex), so no problem. Everyone gets a Perception roll at -1 to spot something wrong. I’m assuming a 8 meter radius is enough to cover the whole area; if it’s not, he can do 16 m but the roll is at no penalty.

I’m also assuming this is at the +4 level of complexity; it’s a few complex movements in sequence, not a full interacting scene. If it’s +6, everyone would get an extra +2 to their rolls.

If perception rolls are made, you might spot a shimmer in the air where the “destroyed” target is, notice some imperfection in the shrapnel hitting the floor, see a glimmer of something black and not-feathered peeking through the blue feathered wings, or spot that 2 of the “duplicates”, including the one in the center, are moving a bit jerkily.

Any senses other than sight (whole group) or normal hearing make it completely obvious that it’s a fake, no roll needed.

I’m also assuming he’ll most likely get called out at the end, probably before the cannon fires.))

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