Obstacle course: Mica

Mica was both nervous and excited as they arrived in the sub basement. Being able to freely use her ability is equivalent to an independence day. Hopefully she won’t get sold to some sort of black market or whatever her parents warned her about. She wears the suit with no problem. It’s not the first time she wore this type of outfit, thanks to cheerdance. It does give some super hero vibes, just like the movies and cartoons she watches.

Elizabeth’s performance left Mica speechless, but amazement and joy was very visible in her face. She had the same reaction with Kikki and Thomas’ performance.

“Alright, I’ll go next..”

She takes a deep breath and moves to the first circle. ((Rolled a 6, target 12)). To her surprise, she manages to run through the beam without a problem.

Facing the second challenge, she wasn’t sure on what to do at first, but she managed to land a kick at the target. ((rolled a 9, 4+11-2= 12).

As she steps into the third circle she whispers a short incantation, raises both of her hands and forms an ethereal wall that protected her from the cannon. ((Armor Wall: Barrier 10 PD/10 ED, 0 BODY))

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