after obstacle course

After everyone is done ' running the obstacle course ' , Mr. Harris will state his thanks and continues, 'the suits are yours to keep while at the school.

We advise keeping them near, as while we don't expect the worse to happen, we do want to be prepared.

We will be making at least one additional copy as a spare. If anyone has artistic or fashion skills, please let us know, or if you want a redesign them. please go get changed back into your street clothes and we will talk about the school schedule for tomorrow.

Once everyone is back, he motions for everyone to grab a seat at the table.

'Tomorrow,' he begins, ' is our art placement day. All starting around 10. If you are a visual artist and have a portfolio of works, please bring it to the auditorium. We will have some teachers to review works and decide what would be best for course placement.

Similarly musicians should bring an instrument (unless they are singers) They can also bring with them a piece of music to play in front of some teachers , or they will provide music sheets to play. If your instrument is piano they will have one in the auditorium.

Lastly, anyone interested in drama, will have a chance for a general audition/placement. One can either recite a monologue or they will have someone to assist in small drama scene readings. Again one can bring your own, or they will provide.

The fourth day, we will be taking you to downtown Liberty City. We will give you a small list of things to find out, but you can do whatever you want during the day.

He will then ask if anyone has any questions. Once all questions are answered he will dismiss everyone, and shows them a secondary entrance/exit in the form of a staircase that exits in an unobtrusive area.
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ooc:/ Kikki will think the fourth day will be a good day to look for a replacement phone,
while several of the students are planning how to get Elizabeth to perform.

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