after obstacle course: Q&A

Thomas looks down at his jumpsuit. It shimmers a bit and is re-colored as David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust knit jumpsuit[1], leaving the arm and leg unchanged. “Eh, it seems fine to me.”

With that, he heads to the locker room to get back into his regular clothes, coming back a few minutes later.

Listening to the schedule, Thomas nods. “All right, that should be fun.”

“Let’s see, I’ll probably do Puck’s speech to Oberon from Midsummer[2] for the drama tryout. And maybe ‘Never Enough’ in tenor for chorus. That one’s a bit more fun to do in soprano, but I probably shouldn’t do that in public. I’d get comments from the peanut gallery.” He gives Kikki a look, “Not at all thinking of anyone in particular.”

“Questions, hmm. A map would be nice, I agree. Are we going to be coming back here to practice regularly or something? And are there other groups like us at this school?”


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