Orientation day 1

Hours before sunrise, Elizabeth was dropped off at the gates of Madison Academy.
Not seeing any other people, she wandered in front of the library.

Shivering in the early morning chill and out of nervousness, she read the letter again, It says she is now enrolled in this school. Her clothes and other things have already been sent. and itinstructs her to find a teacher named Jack Harris.

Folding the letter she slips it into her jacket pocket.

Eventually more students start filling the area with a mixture of excitement for another year at the academy and at seeing one's friends.

As more students arrive, Elizabeth finds herself backing away further from the crowd of excited students.

Description, Perception roll to see everything. Please let me know if any special senses.

Elizabeth is wearing a men's white button down shirt, with a black skirt that falls to mid thigh. A men's black sport blazer. Thigh high black stockings and no-name black sneakers. While all the clothes are neat, a high perception or the right skill will reveal that not only are the clothes most likely from a thrift store, but from a cheap thrift store at that. In her hands she grasps a battered violin case. Short and slight her long straight white hair falls to her thighs. Her glasses are round and show her large pink eyes. Strangely poking out of her hair are two large and pointed ears. And topping (literally) is a gray fedora.

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