roof and the robbery

Thomas nods to Kikki. "Yeah, sounds good to me. I've got my phone at least, I can take video of anyone who shows up. I'll just hang out where I can see the door."

He waggles his fingers, "Ooh, and I hope it's a spooky spellbook. My great-grandmother was supposed to be a witch, so maybe I could learn a new trick or two."

With that, he settles in to wait.

When the robbers show up, Thomas records them on his phone breaking into the library. He waits for them to start exiting, then whispers to Kikki and the others, "Don't look." He snaps his fingers and sets off a blinding flash of light in the area of the doorway, catching as many of them as possible.

(4m radius, 8d6 flash. Rolled 10 to-hit, OCV is 6, so it should go where he wants it to. 9 body on the 8d6 roll. I'll also happily chit-chat before this happens, but I figured I'd start in with some mechanics.)

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