robbery continues

Thomas peers down from the rooftop at the commotion below. When Elizabeth pops back onto the roof, he says, "You got the book! Awesome! Looks like Kikki's surrounded, though, can you help from up here?"

"I'd better see what I can do, but another flash'd just get Kikki, too. Might as well dive right in, I guess."

With that, he noticeably bulks up, the fabric of his uniform adjusting as his muscles grow more toned. Knobby protrusions of black horn rise up on his forearms and knuckles, then he fades into invisibility, leaving only a shimmer in the air where he was.

He swoops from the roof, striking at one of the robbers with his reinforced fist as he arcs past, then trying to get as much altitude as he can on the other side.

(OOC details: half phase reconfiguring VPP to +7 STR, 4d6 HA, Invisibility; half phase Move By w/ 9m flight, so 4 OCV/DCV. Rolled an 11, which would ordinarily hit DCV 4, but he's invisible, and they're probably still flashed, so it should hit DCV 8. Damage is 2d6 str + 4d6 HA + 1d6 velocity = 7d6 normal. Phew.)

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