after robbery: Questions

OOC: Before the police arrive, if it's opkay with the GM. If not, disregard.

Kikki may not be the brightest bulb in the harbor, but she is practical. She's got 2 thugs literally in hand, so why not play a game of 20 questions to pass the time?

"Okay guys, like I said I'm trying to be nice about this. No broken bones, internal bleeding, and no permanent blindness. I think?, Eh, whatever. You'll be fine.

You tried to rob a library. More importantly, you tried to rob our library.
Now don't get me wrong. We're new here, so no real sentimental attachment to it or anything. but still, it's our library. And I'd kind of like to know why. In fact, I'd even like to know why you're robbing our library even more than I'd like to know how much I can tighten a guys belt before he wets himself.

Kikki shrugs the one guy off of her shoulder into her arm, and lightly tosses him towards Thomas before pulling the other one closer to her by his belt.
"Up to you which one of those questions gets answered tonight."

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