after robbery: Questions

Thomas grins, showing a few more teeth than is comfortable, and catches the guy Kikki tossed his way. "Oh, is it playtime?"

He changes then, the black and white feathers on his wings rippling away to reveal reddish-black leathery bat wings, while a barbed tail emerges from behind. The knobby protrusions of bone on his forearms withdraw, two small dark crimson horns emerge from his forehead, and his fingernails extend into sharp black claws.

An aura of barely-visible black flame surrounds him, a heat-shimmer around the edges, and flames flicker in his eyes and dance around his clawed fingertips. A scent of smoke and brimstone rises up where he stands. His voice deepens, as if echoing through vast dark places.

He flexes his clawed fingers. "I'll be good. No permanent damage. Well, not much." He licks a claw.

"Now, are you going to tell us what we want to know? What were you so intent on taking from this place and why? Or do we have to start getting creative?"

((OOC: same disclaimer as from shykoala's post, but this seems fun to run with.

Shapeshift for appearance, voice, smell, feel of unnatural warmth. VPP into claws and menacing aura (+PRE). If you want to run this as a PRE attack, he's got 12d6 base, +1d6 for displaying a power, +4d6 for target captured, or around 17d6.

Claws: d6-1 HKA (reduced penetration -¼, no knockback -¼), 7 pts
Menacing aura: PRE: +37 (only to intimidate -1), 18 pts
STR: +7 (same as before), 7 pts
Images: 10 (sight) (-1 PER, area 4m +¼), 16 pts))

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