"Hi Mom."

"Yeah, I'm here. You told me to call when I got here didn't you?"

"I don't know. I haven't been given a room yet."

"No Mom. I just got out of the cab. I haven't even gone in yet."

"Well you TOLD me to call when I got here so I called! You didn't say anything about...."

"Fine, fine. I'm calm, okay?"

"Well I'm sorry if I sound bitter. I'll try to pretend I'm happy about being banished to this dump!"

"Yeah, yeah. You told me. The Principal told me. Everyone told me!
And I keep telling you all I did was defend myself. Same as always!"

"Well I caught the jerk didn't I? An even if I hadn't ....."

"Yeah, I know. I.... I know. He just made me so mad. I kept warning him, but...."

"I know. You'd have to pay his medical bills if I missed. He'd be in a wheelchair or worse. I know. I said I'm sorry a hundred times already!"

"Okay. Okay. Look Mom, I need to go register. I'll call you as soon as I get to my room."

"Okay Mom."

OKAY Mom! I need to go!"

"Look! I SAID..." crunch
"Well crap.
Crap crap crap crap crap!"
A crushed smartphone falls to the sidewalk as a 3 and a half foot tall with chocolate brown skin, green eyes and thick ankle length hair sits on the curb outside the university entrance and buries her face in her hands.
"Maybe they're right....." she mutters.
"I guess I could've killed him. I guess.....
I guess I deserve this."

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