re Michaela's Arrival

Walking toward where all the other students are gathering you are on the lookout for a teacher holding a sign that says Class 5B.
[This is where we are going to have you start becoming familiar with the mechanics
Please roll 3d6 vs Perception (target is 16), you can roll actual dice and tell me what the result is, or how much you beat 16, or you can use an online die roller or if you goto and type in 'roll 3d6]

Upon finding Mr. Harris and introducing yourself he marks your name of a list. He then says, 'if you want to meet the rest of the class that have checked in, they went that way. He will give a brief description of the group, comprised of two girls, short in stature and one male student.' He points in a direction that the rest of the PCs have gone.

[Roll another perception roll, this time -2,
Please let me know if you are going to use any unusual senses (those not held by 'normal' people.
ooc: All skill rolls in the system will be 3d6 against a target, lower is always better.
if you succeed at the second perception roll, you can post in the students meet thread.

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