Re: Banishment Orientation day 1

Its a beautiful late Summer, early Fall day. Warm enough that one can wear a jacket, but not cold enough to be mandatory. The morning dew is starting to burn off.

You can see a largish group of students starting to gather in front of a large central building. Most students are wearing a variety of typical clothes, ranging from expensive and trying to make a formal impression and expensive and trying to create an impression of not caring. Also noticeable is some students obviously wearing parts of a school uniform, and a even smaller group looking like they are wearing the full school uniform. (gray or plaid pants or skirt, button down shirt and either gray or blue or plaid sport coat. The plaid being in red, blue, and white) and a tie, either in school colors or plaid.

Perception Rolls:
If one fails or makes the roll (as long as doesn't roll 18) one can see a blonde man (about 40s) wearing a suit and holding a sign saying class 5B.
Succeed by 1-2, you can hear some of the students laughing and making comments such as, 'are we enrolling children now?' and another stating 'we must have a "special" group of students this year.' and yes they emphasized special in that way.
Succeed by 4 and you will notice Elizabeth lurking on the periphery, looking she wants to escape.
More and you will notice her appearance and can note her unusual looks.
(these results are cumulative, roll well and one will notice all points)

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