into the dorm

Elizabeth is enjoying the varied music from the phone, when Thomas asks “Also, do any of you know what this is going to be like? I should’ve asked if either of you were here last year, but I’m getting a strong sense ‘no’"

Elizabeth quietly states, 'this will be the first school I have attended. The person who dropped me off this morning, handed me a note from my uncle saying I was enrolled.'

Eventually Mr. Harris will come over and introduce himself again, 'and welcome to Madison Academy. First task is to get your school ID's and the keys to your dorm.

They head out to an administrative building, where the students one by one get a photo taken, sign a digital pad, and get a ID card with the school name and other identifying numbers.

Mr. Harris then leads them over to the west dormitory, a large late 19th century building.'this building is where your rooms are, but I wanted to point out first on the ground floor one can find the mail room and that way is the dining hall, each dorm has their own, so if you are closer to the east dorm you can use theirs.'

Motioning to the elevator, after everyone enters he presses the button five, the top floor.

After exiting the elevator, he uses a key to open a door opposite. 'This is the common area. you can see a table off to the side, and some couches and other furniture, 'if you need anything within reason, it can be provided, others have asked for a television and a microwave, to give some examples. To the right and left one can see a door, to the right is the boys side and to the left the girls. They are identical, but one's key will only open their side. Their they can find beds. we trust you can make a decision on each bed, built in dresser, closet and bookcase. In the center of each room are a number of desks and chairs. The floor is fairly light as there are plenty of windows to look either north, or south toward campus.
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In the southwest/southeast corner respectively one finds the washroom, which includes showers. and on the west/east side you will find a door to the stairs. while the elevators are monitored, the stairs are not, your keys will also open the door at the bottom of each, which will lead you outside.'

'you will find your stuff in your respective room, please decide on bed, desk, etc, if you want more floorspace, the beds can be made into bunk beds. let us know if you need any assistance if you decide to go that way.'

'Lunch begins at 11:00, and doesn't end until 1:00, usually governed by when one has class, but today we are a bit looser. I'll meet you back here at 1:30 and we'll give you the formal tour. with that, relax and enjoy your lunch.' and Mr. Harris leaves.

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