situating their rooms

Mica had the same concerns as Thomas although she didn't want to the worry. "Well, maybe it's just going to be like any other school.., hopefully."

The dormitory was impressive, at least for her. They pretty much got everything and the elevator is a plus. She's happy that it seems like electricity and water won't be a problem either. When they got into their room she look over to one of the windows and decided to move her bed closer to it. The bedding that was sent from her home had matching patterns of an animal character. She carefully pulls a desk and place it near one of the bookcases. She then started looking for her stationary items, some books, a few knick knacks and arranged them neatly. As she go through more of her boxes, she realizes that it would be better to do this later.

She looks over at Kikki and Elizabeth to see if their done.

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