Julius looked around the room he'd been assigned. It was small but quaint. Fortunately, due to his abilities the school headmaster determined it would be best for Julius not to have a roommate. This was fine by him. Julius didn't much care for company, especially not another teenager. Teenagers think way too loud.

Julius unpacked his belongings and settled in. He had way too many books for the little shelf in the room, so he just started stacking them on the floor. He pulled out his chess set and placed it on the desk, then smiled. At least I still have you. Julius thought to himself. It didn't take long before inquiring minds came to see him. A few kids from down the hall passed by and welcomed Julius to the school, then moved on to the lunch room. Julius decided he should probably head there too, he was certainly hungry. He put his headphones on and turned his music up as loud as he could. This was gonna be a challenge.

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