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Summary: The Queen of the Eldianan Empire

Silva Sev

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Gender: Female

Age: 457

Group: Lords/Ladies


Eldianan Empire


Queen of Eldiana
The Savior


Eldianan Elf
She is average height for her people, with a beautiful appearance and graceful figure. Silva has pale skin, pale pink hair, and grey eyes. She has the long ears of Eldianan Elves

Personality and interests

Silva is known for being kind, gentle, qnd caring. She sees humans as misguided beings that can become like the peacful elves of Eldiana, and is known for being super friendly and rarely getting angry. She is know for teaching many people of the old cultures and history of human nations.


Silva was raised with her brother by her loving parents, when her mother died, she attempted to have her brother and father stop their violent actions, and wept. When her father turned to the other nations, she couldn't take it anymore and rallied the Eldianan Elves to rebel against her mad father. She held her father down as her brother slayed him. After of which, she convinced Callius to divide the empire, restoring the Eldianan Empire.
For 140 years, she has made small settlements for the humans that lived nearby, and has attempted to aid the other human kingdoms affected by the war in recovering.


She has a magic elvish staff, made from silver and gold. With an blue magical stone at the top.
She wears magical blue and gold robes when going into combat.


She is a skilled leader and diplomat. She is an arch mage in the arcane arts of nature, healing, enchantments, warding, and banishment.
She holds great wisdom and knowledge, using it to benefit her people and maintain a low crime rate without violent punishment.
She is known to be able yo compromise with even the most stubborn of dwarves.


She's not skilled in close combat, she detests violence, she is afraid of Lothric trying to kill off the human race of Zancrom again

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Image of Silva Sev
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