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Summary: The mysterious Sage from another world. Many are his secrets. Great is his knowledge and power.

Alaric the Sage

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Gender: Male

Age: 35

Group: Magic Users


Aleric is loyal to himself before all else, followed shortly by gold, then the pursuit of damsels and wenches.


Wizard of the Tower of Aleric


Like most human wizards of his realm of origin, Aleric wears a wide brimmed hat on his myriad travels. Unlike most, the simple pointed hat has long since been abandoned. Instead, he wears a maroon coloured suede hat, with gold embroidery and a peacock feather so immaculate that surely magic was involved.

Aleric's facial hair is so crisp and sharply trimmed that even in a crowd of the world's most well-groomed gentlemen, he would stand out, putting all those around him to infinite shame.

Personality and interests

Aleric has been described in many ways, by many people. But none would ever challenge him to a contest of magic... or wit. Rare is the occasion that Aleric can be found at a loss for words, for wine, or for a damsel or wench at his side. Occasionally though, he's been known to overindulge on the latter two.

He's also quite fond of himself, and talking about himself. But unlike some would-be adventurers, Aleric's tales are more than mere wild boasts... and he has the souvenirs to prove it.

Behind every sly word and magic trick one can never be sure weather its mear whim or part of a complex and secretive agenda.


Aleric the Sage has traveled the multiverse! He's sampled the fruits of distant dreams and scoured the imaginations of cosmic beings. He has seen the 4th dimension and returned to tell about it!

In that time he's accumulated knowledge that was never meant for man. Many are the magic user whome he's mocked as squeamish for their fear to delve into the more obscure areas of research.

His reasons for traveling to Zancrom are his own.


Magic hat of +7 Fanciness

Various unique spell books

Boots of levitation

A bucket of eyeballs

Various carms, talismans, and trinkets.


Master of the magical arts of Chaos and Obscurity

Linguistic legerdemain


Hates cats. Like, REALLY hates cats.

Occasional overindulgence

Has made the occasional bad decision in the pursuit damsels and wenches.

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Image of Alaric the Sage
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