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Summary: The Ruiner King

Jakvar Val

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Gender: Male

Age: 400+

Group: Monsters/Threats


The Union of Ruiner Nations
The Ruiners


Ruiner King
The Conqueror


His physical appearance behind his armor is unknown, however when he speaks, it is filled with powerful and dark magical power.

Personality and interests

He is very militaristic and violent, like all Ruiners, however he can also be diapolmatic, caring towards his children, and even gentle.


100 years in the Erdication Wars, the Ruiners were being united by a Black Hand Ruiner called Jakvar Val. With him the Union was formed, the nations weren't exactly united, but they also weren't exactly divided either. Jakvqr has now ruled the Ruiners with fear and respect, he has had many children, all famed and feared Ruiners.


Plated Armor

Magical Longsword.


He is skilled in horse back riding, all forms of melee combat, archery, fear tactics, summary exacutions interrogation, and military tactics.

He is a master of powerful and dark powers.


He has regeneration, immunity to poison, and by all accounts, super strength, endurance, and speed.


Holy magic harms him

He can't talk much or he might accidentally cast a spell.

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Image of Jakvar Val
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