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Summary: A strange creature indeed.


Gender: Female presenting

Age: unknown (sapient for 5)

Group: Monsters/Threats


Splinter of the slumbering 'god' Achu-sthath


'Child' of Achu-sthath


Unknown race, Primordial creature.

Quite alien in appearance, possessing a body made mostly of a gossamer like gelatinous material, inside a flesh body. She has 4 arms, 2 legs an two tails. six eyes on her back. four on her face. two on the top of her head, two mouths one of her face the other the back of her head. the bottom two arms are more monstrous and can be hidden as well as her tails. Her two upper arms are more human like aside from the fact she only has two fingers and a thumb on each hand. Her legs only have three digits as well. despite her slightly smaller than average size she is incredible dense, weighting at least three times what she should.

When in public she appears nearly human, two arms two eyes, normal skin.

Personality and interests

Personality: Weird, looks sinister but always tries to be nice. even though she often messes up.

Interest: humans and human like things.


Once a part of Achu-sthath until a group of, adventures attempted to kill Achu-sthath. Before dying their paladin managed to cut a sizable chunk from the monster. Though they were all dead this severed chunk consumed these fallen adventures thus gaining sapience. Observing how these creatures looked she took on her best approximation of a humanoid shape. Having learned small bits about the world outside she wanted to learn more.


Commoners clothes. Her claws.


Predator: Consume enemies and potentially gain an ability.
Healing word
Eldritch Blast
Harden skin


Being called back to Achu-sthath, and losing her self.

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