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Summary: The Vampiric Queen

Calantha Nilus

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Gender: Female

Age: 892

Group: Lords/Ladies


The Night Court


Ruler of the Night Court
Queen of Vormir


Elder Vampire
She is a beautiful pale wan, with white hair and grey eyes. She has a shaply figure and is often taller than most average sized men.
Her fingernails are sharp and pointed, and look like red glass, behind her full lips is her enlonged fangs.

Personality and interests

She is known for her cunning and cruelty. She often has a harem of beautiful women and handsome men that she often feeds on whenever she pleases. She is vengeful, seductive, and deceptive. She is also very greedy.


The current leader of the the Night Court and the Ruler of Vormir, Calantha is the natural born vampire daughter of Kapral. Calantha has waged the war with the Order for centuries, more so than ever afyrr her father's death. Calantha herself continues to search for her father's killer, to no avail. She is respected and feared by the other vampiric Lords.


The Sword of Nilus-A elegant rapier


She is known for her skills of seduction, diplomatic interrations, and trickery.
She has regenerative abilities, supernatural speed and strength.
She has the power to transform into a swarm of bats, a wolf, a giant bat monster, or mist
Commanding presence
She can climb up walls
She is a master of blood magic and the dark arts.


She fears Abbadon, and the chosen of his sword.
Holy and Radiance magic harm her.
Demonic magics can harm her.

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Image of Calantha Nilus
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