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Summary: Ruiner Representative

Hic Villa

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Gender: Male

Age: 400+

Group: Monsters/Threats


Union of Ruiner Nations
Jakvar Val


Ruiner Representative
The Rampager


He is a large man, standing over 8 ft tall(2.44m). He wear thick armour that covers his whole body and has skulls of hans pipped on the shoulders.

Personality and interests

Hic Villa can be boyh calm and diapolmatic, a charming man with a smooth voice. However in combat, he is violent, and agressive. Earning thd name, the Rampager


Hic Villa had aleays been by Jakvar's side, all from the unification wars, to the current day, working as a speaking for the powerful being. He deals with all kinds of big diapolmatic interactions, may it be trade or may it be peace agreements.


Hic Villa is armed with two hand axes and a large war axe.

He wears great full plated armor.


He is skilled in horse back riding, all forms of melee, diapolmacy, speech, and interactions.
He has the great strength and speed of a ruiner. He qlso has some regenerative abilities.

He is a master of the dark arts


He fears Jakvar Val

The Gods

And Lothric

He has the weaknesses of Ruiners.

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Image of Hic Villa
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