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Summary: The Hell Priest

Strigon Pon

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Gender: Male

Age: 70? (876)

Group: Priests/Priestesses


Order of the Flame


Head of the Order of the

The Hell Priest


Demonic Human
Strigon is an elderly man with a long grey beard, red glowing eyes, and a bald head. His hands have long dirty fingernails, almost demonic like, he often wears a long and ragged grey cloak.

Personality and interests

Strigon hates the Night Court and their treatment of Vormirians. He is a wise man, but is now to be hatful, rude, and cruel. He often speaks in a crooked voice, and maintains a calm, yet hostile tone.


Strigon Pkn waz once the advisor of the previous ruler of Vormir, before it was taken ovef by the Night Court. He has works as the head of the Order of the Flame and the leader of the Civil War. He hates the Night Court with his blackened heart.


A demonic spell book known as the Flame Scripture


He is a master of demonic and dark magics
He can summon demons, do great rituals, and even cast deadly spells.

Despite his appearance, he has great strength and can even fly.


Holy magics harm him, and him being an old man, isn't that hard to kill.

He fears the Order failing and going to hell with Abbadon.

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