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Summary: The Lion of Yiril

Marcus Fulvius

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Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: Warriors/Knights


Yiril and Achaea


High General
The Lion of Yiril


Marcus is a large man, taller than most. His short hair is brown with the sides turning grey, he keeps his facial hair in a neat goatee. His body is build for combat, and undet his lion themed armor his body is covered in scars.

Personality and interests

Marcus is tactical, he is determined on his quests, he finds ways to get what he wants. He is brutal and shows no mercy to his enemies. He sants to rebuild the Yiril Empire.


When Marcus was a young lad, taught by his grandfather of the greatness of the Yiril empire. Marcus entered the military at the young age of 15. For years he progressed in campaigns against the Ruiners, Bandits, and other enemies of Yiril. After his battle with a dire lion, he became known as the Lion of Yiril. There he became a High General, and has runned many great war campaigns, and has only lost one, the invasion of the Ruiner Nation.


A Gladius
Lorica Segmentata
A fur cloak


Tactian, skilled in all forms of combat, horseback riding, archery, guerilla warfare, greater strength(enough to defeat a dire lion bare handedly)


He is a bit too brutal and in combat he can get carried away.

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Image of Marcus Fulvius
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