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Summary: A hidden artist

Hector Baros

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Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Commoners


His mother


Half Red


1/2 Yirilin
1/2 Merovingian
Hector has long black hair that ends in red tips. He has orange eyes, and pale skin. He is of average height, and is a bit thinner than average.

Personality and interests

Hector is a quiet man, however he loves to create art, may it be sculpting, painting, drawing, and craving. He also loves to cook and bake food, thanks to his mother. He is a shy man and usually hides his art, and comes off as rude. However he is a sweet man who cares for his mother.


Hector was born from Eve Baros, his father was a reckless Merovingian adventurer who seduced his mother, before quickly running off for glory.
Hector was raised in Yiril, his mother running a bakery, and taught Hector everything. After visiting Merovingia, he became one to love art. Whoch resulted in his hobbby, however he was self conscious and usually hides his art in his room. He helps his mother around in her bakery.


Sculpting tools
Paints and paintbrushes
Hunting knife


He is skilled in cooking, baking, painting, sculpting, craving, and drawing.


He fears losing his mother
He hates his father.

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Image of Hector Baros
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