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Summary: A druid of Eldiana

Phyrra Yllabalar

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Gender: Female

Age: 176

Group: Magic Users


Eldiana and Noara


Druid of Eldiana


Eldianan Elf
Phyrra keeps her black hair in long braids, her dark freckled skin being shown on her face and arms. She has the long ears of Eldianan Elves, her eyes being as green as nature. She wears a brown cloak with her leather armor, the same brown color as the cloak. She has a slender build as most elves and stands at a height of 5'7 (200.66 cm).

Personality and interests

Phyrra is an easy going person, believing in letting nature guide the way. However, she isn't afraid to hold her ground in the name of Noara. She is dedicated in her duty as a druid to the forests and wildlands of Eldiana, may it be caring for the natural fauna or battling away corrupted beasts.


Phyrra was raised in the wilderness of Eldiana, both of her parents being druids of Noara. She was raised in the practice of the druid craft. As she aged, she took off to defend the wilderness of Eldiana, teach a few humans the way of the druid craft along her path. Now she wanders the forest, battling corrupted beasts and other enemies of the forest.


An oak staff

A component bag


Skilled in druid craft, medicine, and potion creating.
Her magic allows her to speak with animals, and plants, and having some control with the natural wildlife.


She fears something destroying the forest of Eldiana and the wilderness. She can be weakened by corrupted forest spirits.

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