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Summary: A senator of Achaea

Platon Teresides

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Gender: Male

Age: 68

Group: Commoners


His own revenge


One of the many Senators of Achaea and Yiril


Platon is a old man, with balding scalp with white hair to the sides. His forehead is wrinkled with age, while his skin is cracked by time. He often wears the white and red robes of senators of Achaea, he has a fit body for his age and stands 6'2 (187.96 cm) in height.

Personality and interests

Platon is a cowardly man who is easily scared by many things, however he holds a deep grudge against Lothric due to what his family losing much of it's land as well as their possessions. Platon is fueled by this hatred of Lothric as well as his own greedy nature to regain what his family lost.


Platon was raised in the rich upper class of Achaea society, filled with the stories of the old Yirilian Empire before it's fall. Over his life he thrived in schooling, rising to become a renowned senator of Achaea and Yiril. However with age he had lost his purity, becoming cowardly and corrupt, to the point his words are often thought to be words of reason in desperate times due to his shyness.


Speaker scrolls


Speaking Skills and knowledge of Poltics.


Cowardly and can easily be manipulated by his desires.

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