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Summary: A ancient being of darkness

The Darkling

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Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Monsters/Threats


The area between Merovigina and the Turndin Kingdom


The Darkling

The Artist of the Dark

Painter of Darkness

The Weaver of Fate

The Grim Dealmaker


The Darkling can be identified by his ragged cloaks he often wears, however he can be seen wearing finer clothes during different occasions. The Darkling is a shapeshifter, able to change his form at will, however his most common form he takes happens to be a humanoid man, with golden eyes, sickly pale skin, and ivory hair. He is followed by shadows and darkness everywhere he goes.

Personality and interests

The Darkling is patience, able to wait out for the right opportunity to strike, he is known to be ruthless and down right cruel to those who go behind his deals, however he seem somewhat capable of compassion, often asking he makes bargains with him if they are sure if they want to do the deal. He uses fear, hate, pain, desire, and greed to manipulate others into his schemes, however he is known to simple use his power to defeat or curse others without a glance. He also seems honorable, never the one to break the deals he makes with others.


Long ago, before even the time of the Witch Queen, their existed a grand kingdom, blessed with great knowledge and power. This kingdom was ruled by a great queen, beautiful as she was smart, powerful as she was gentle. When she married she gave birth to five sons, a warrior, a seer, an artist, a sorcerer, and finally a scholar. These five sons brought great joy to the queen, however when their father was slaughtered by a great evil, the queen feared for her sons, and turned to a mystic in hopes to save her sons. The mystic told the queen their sons would be spared from the evil, however after her death, if she does not grant the crown to her third son, then a great darkness will consume her children, and their kingdom will fall. She refused, as her third son had no desire of becoming king, so she simply passed it to her first son. However this began a path of darkness, the sorcerer was forced by his eldest brother to increase the strength of the people so they could spread their greatness, the seer was ordered to see the future they would bring. He was driven mad by the visions he saw of the future of their kingdom. This resulted in the warrior becoming paranoid, he began to see treachery, that someone would destroy and corrupt their beloved kingdom. In his madness, he drove for perfection, slowly becoming a being of darkness and hate. Soon his fear turned into rage, and he began to kill anyone who question him, so when the artist attempted to stop him, he struck his brother down, leaving him a mangled mess. In his weakened state, the artist called out the name of the gods, none heard him, for they had shunned the family for their actions. So the artist called on darker powers, who granted his wish, they restored his body, however at a price, to save his people, he would be forced to kill his own brothers, each granting them a gift of power.So the artist was forced to kill his own brothers, one by one, their life, their power, their very existence becoming his own. When he slayed his mad, corrupted brother, the artist had one last thing to do to save his people an the entire land of Zancrom. He decided to take in the very darkness, the corruption, the evil his brother spread in his madness. With this action, the artist was molded, twisted by the dark power. When the darkness was gone, in place of the Artist was a being known by many as, the Darkling. The Darkling is a powerful being, older than some of the most ancient texts, this story being one of his many origins, one of which has many variations of. The Darkling is a force of darkness, corruption, and dark power. It is said the Darkling once turned the sky as dark as night for an entire week to punish those who went behind his bargains. The Darkling works in the shadows, making deals and bargains, a net of connection in a plan of his, the reasons or outcome of this plan is mostly unknown, however he is the reason for many things that now exist in Zancrom. As mysterious as he is, the Darkling is a feared being by all, and always has something over everyone's noses.


A wicked dark staff

parchment, blood ink, and a quill


Master Planner/Manipulator, Expert Swordsman, Vast Knowledge, and Master Strategist
Great Arcane Knowledge and Power, Can see fragments of the future, Shapeshifting, Super Human Physical Abilities, Accelerated Healing, Power over darkness, Dark Magic, and other magical abilities.


He can never alter his contracts or agreements, he is bound by naguc law with each deal he makes, light magic is a powerful tool against him, and he can't enter certain places without permission.
Silver harms him, true love breaks all of his spells and curses, can't push people into deals, and he cannot lie

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