Two Siblings, Two Empires

The Royal Palace, Lothric Empire

Callius waited patiently in the throne room. The Lothric throne room was silver in color, with golden designs, great paintings of ancient history adorned the walls, the throne itself was made from blackened iron, the design was elegant but deadly, like the Lothric elves themselves.

The great doors opened, revealing the black armor clad soldiers, giving their respective bow to the much more gentler appearing elf, Silva. Queen of Eldiana and Callius's sister.
She smiled sweetly at her brother, "It's been a while Callius."

He gave her a soft smile, "It has, hasn't it?" Rising from the throne, he approached her and entered her embraced, "It's good to see you again. Come, let us catch up." Silva smiled in agreement.

The two exited the room and entered a great balcony, the great silver color kingdom shinning bright in the Zancromian orange sky of dusk. The Lothric elves below laughing and singing, however Silva couldn't smile, for ahe heard the cry of the slaves of Lothric, humans who were suffering under their rule. "So, you still keep them in chains." Callius glanced at his sister, "You must always keep pets on a leash, or they misbehave."
She shook her head, "They are more than pets brother, their people too." The elf king shook his head, "No, if we don't keep them in check, on leashes, then they'll become like the Ruiners."

"The Ruiners were our fault, you can't keep denying that fact."

"We bombed the kingdoms, they naturally picked the way to make themselves Ruiners, so no, it isn't our fault."

"Brother, I don’t think you can keep doing this to them."

"This is Lothric, not Eldiana, we don't see in those ways, you must understand, this is a Kingdom of Silver and Blood. This is Lothric."

Silva nearly sighed, "I figured that would be your answer, I should leave." Callius watched his sister leave, he only shook his head, "As long as peace is kept, then I'll tolerate your treatment of those beasts, but once you act, I'll make sure everyone knows, to keep beasts in chains."

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