Once Hector had treated his wounds, he approachs Ozzy, "Thank you sir, if you need anything, come by Eve's bakery. My mother would be more than happy to give you free baked goods." He smiles at him, "May the White Lady and her children watch over you." He bows to him, and looks at the other man. "Greetings sir." He bows to him.

Hector takes a seat once again. They bar comes back to life, a few guards stumble in, being rowdy they start laughing, "Did you hear, Marcus the Lion of Yiril has done it again! Praise the gods, praise our sister nation, and praise Yiril! HAZAH!"
They cheer once again, Hector watched them, "It was that behavior that got Lothric's mad king to destroy the old Yiril empire. When will the Lion learn that the Ruiners aren't men, they are monsters..."
The bar immediately began to tell tales about Marcus Fulvius, the Lion of Yiril, who recently has been going to the Deadlands, home to the Ruiners and their Beast of Ruin, taking the fight to them, everyday, Achaea sees Yirilin soldiers being dropped off from these battles, many dead before they make it to the clerics, others crippled for life, all done by the barbaric hands of the Ruiners.

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