Making new friends

"Ozymandias Nomikos." the olive skinned man replied with a half hearted greeting. "I guess it would depend greatly on your definition of magic."

"Magic is magic, as my old mentor used to say. And my magic senses tell me that you're rife with it. They're never wrong you know," he said touching his index finger to the tip of his nose.

The olive skinned man- Ozzy was busily rolling his sleeves back down as the two spoke, but not quite quickly enough to keep Aleric from noticing the myriad of tattoos on his arms. Hmmm... curious. Aleric had never so chosen to blemish his perfectly toned magnificently well moisturized skin. But he did have to admit, they lent this gentleman a rugged, edgy look that many a wench and even a few maidens no doubt found irresistible.

Then Ozzy spoke again and completely dispelled that image from Aleric's mind for all eternity, "Don't touch me, please. I have no idea where that hand has been."

Aleric shook his head, "Oh the stories I could tell you, my boy! This hand alone has conquered demons and bedrooms alike."

Of course, he'd also went digging in a bucket of human eyeballs earlier that morning too. So it wasn't entirely unwarranted. Had he remembered to wash his hands? Anyway...

"It wasn't a show," Ozzy went on as he began to gather his things. "I was doing what needed to be done. None of these other people seemed to be willing to do anything about it."

Indeed, Aleric hadn't so much as lifted a magic laden finger to help. Then again, his attentions HAD been elsewhere. He simply hadn't noticed.

It was at this moment, when Aleric was just about to launch the very wittiest of retorts, that the other man involved came blundering into the exchange, "Thank you sir, if you need anything, come by Eve's bakery. My mother would be more than happy to give you free baked goods. May the White Lady and her children watch over you."

He then bowed and turned to Aleric and bowed again, "Greetings sir."

"Greetings indeed, young man. I'm new to this realm, so you'll have to forgive my ignorance- indeed, I shall have to forgive myself my ignorance as it is rare that I should come across something that I do not already know, but just who is this White Lady you mentioned?" Aleric said.

As he spoke, Aleric snapped his fingers, exchanged coin with the bar tender, and received a trio of sloshing mugs- all without taking his eyes from the two men he was speaking to. Again, benefits of having an extra eye sitting above the doorway.

"I came here seeking knowledge, or rather I was seeking knowledge when I came here. My true destination... well, it's not important. I doubt the word 'hentai' even exists in this realm. But it seems fate had other plans. Traversing the demonic Web Gate is fickle at the best of times, but I've never been blown off course altogether like this before," Aleric explained as he pushed a mug into each man's hands.

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