Knowledge for a traveler

Hector looked ay the strange man asking him about knowledge, he obviously wasn't from Zancrom. Hector slowly opened a page in his sketchbook and began drawing a image of a beautiful woman syanding before a bright light, wearing a long white gown and a glowing crown. Her skin was white as snow, and her long shair shined like starlight. Stars gleamed from her already pure white dress.

"The White Lady is the leader of the Gods of Light, and the mother to most of them. She represents all things good in life, now many mistaken her for the Fair Lady, a goddess to Aeran, which is to our north. We don't interact with them much, but the White Lady is actually much more closely resembles to the King in White, who seems to be a male version of the White Lady. The goddess had a sister known as the Infernal Matriarch, she is the leader of the Dark Gods and mother to most of them. She resembles all things evil in life. Aeran also has a male version of her, called the King in Black or the Dark One."

On the other page beside the drawing of the White Lady, he began to draw an image of a wickedly beautiful woman, wearing an armoured dress, two black wings spanning out from behind, in one of her hands was a black spear, behind her back two pairs of lanky demonic arms poked one, one pair holding flaming skulls, the other pair holding dark rings. Her face was partial covered by a dark crown, two glowing red eyes beamed from her fair face.

"One of the light, one of the darkness. Most of Zancrom believes in them, in the Wengardian faith the pantheon spreading across many kingdoms, nations and Empires. Each gods' appearance varies in the cultures but they are the same gods with the same names. Does this help you understand more about our land."

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