...It does not look good. Nearly half their force lay upon the battlefield," Alaric said.

Ozzy sat down again. "Well it's what happens when you sent a group of soldiers to do a mages job." he said bluntly, "Oh I don't think the deserved to die. But following orders to throw yourself into the meat grinder like that is foolish. Trying to kill beasts that's soul purpose in life is to rip and tear pray. You need to hit them harder then sword can." he added.

"A full scale assault, with out cannon fodder." Ozzy shrugged. "And it's what I plan to do." he added. "End this war." he said in earnest. "The Lion of Yiril is an idiot who wants glory and to be sung about in taverns then he actually cares about ending the war. The longer it goes the more battles that are fought more more drunken idiots drunkenly stammer out his praises between glugs of ale."

"Not to a drag." he commented, "I just think to many people have died in the name of something we shouldn't have ever started."

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