Pointless Battles

"Not to a drag." he commented, "I just think to many people have died in the name of something we shouldn't have ever started."

Hector shook his head, "If the Ruiners really saw this as a war, we would be overrunning us. The only reason the Lion said he was going to war was to end the raids, the raids that only happened rarely and was in small towns. I don’t think mages could wipe out the Ruiners. Didn't a group of mages did exactly as you said, went to the Deadlands to deal with the Union, and perished the same as many. You are right about one thing, this "war" is pointless. The Queen and the Council should just ordered the Lion to end his campaign, not even a war by what we're hearing."

The young man looked up from the table, "I shouldn't stay long, my mother might worry for me if I stay too long. How long til sundown?" He asked the two, obviously he worried about his mother.

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