Small talk gets a little more serious

The young man looked up from the table, "I shouldn't stay long, my mother might worry for me if I stay too long. How long til sundown?" he asked the two, obviously worried about his mother.

After the boy had left, Aleric took a long sip of his brew and leaned forward.

"So, just how do you plan to 'end this war?'" he asked in a hushed tone. "I've had but the merest glimpse of this world, and I can already tell that under its own momentum, this conflict is destined to spiral out of control. You don't strike me as the diplomatic type- not that these Ruiners seem as though they'd be receptive if you were. So, what forces could you call on to put an end to such a conflict?"

"As for myself, Fate has brought me here. Yet, I do not know if I am intended as a casual observer or if I am destined to take a more active role in events. Fate is a fickle and mysterious thing like that. Perhaps that's why so many wizards have whittled their lives away trying to unravel the mysteries of Fate magic. If this brew is any indication, I would certainly say this world is worth saving. The many pleasant features of that fair maiden I walked in with are supportive evidence. Yet, I am not completely swayed one way or the other. The omni-galactic powers of Aleric the Sage are not meant to be cast on a whim," Aleric said and he would have continued to speak without end if not for the troubling fact that his last tankard had run dry.

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