The Unending war of Fire and Blood

Asavern, Capital of Vormir, the Great Palace

Calantha watched over the busy city of Asavern, ghoul guards marching loudly around, followed by the scared screams of mortals, only to be answered by laughter of the more unholy civilians. She turned her attention to the dark countryside, the dark stormy clouds keeping the sun out of Vormir. "Would be perfect father, if he didn't have those, fanatics." She snarled at the mention of the Order. Every day, they gained more members, the demonic followers of the Order of Flame. The order has been the reason for eight hundred years, Vormir has been in a unending civil war. The undead overlords against the rebellious demon cultists, if it wasn't for this war, Vormir would have been able to start conquering neighboring lands, and Calantha would be an Empress.

However, she had a nation to unite, rebels to slay, and subjects to rule. She traced her claws over the railing, "I'm famished." She gave a sultry smile to herself, a nice village girl had caught her attention, she would be a perfect meal for the immortal vampiress.

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