Designing a Navy part two

Jp with Thaen

Caras Galadhon, The Steel Palace

Callius slowly stood from his throne, he approached the balcony that showed off the rest of Caras Galadhon, the booming city working like gears in a machine. "Then again, lowering our defenses could result in more bloodshed." Callius turned to Ferloli's servant, "Young man, how would you describe the humans of Yiril."

The young man looked up, seeing the mighty lord speaking to him he stood straight, "The humans of Yiril are savage barbarians, their sister nation of Achaea see themselves more as scholars, artists. They would look shamefully at this, 'war.' Yiril seeks glory in combat and control. Like many savage humans." It was common for Lothric humans to look down on free humans, especially 'highborn' ones, Ambrus wasn't surprised by the boy's remarks. Callius waved his hand, "Continue." The boy nodded, "However, much as they are savages, they actually have a good military, a reason they haven't been toppled by the Ruiners and have steadily moved deeper into the Deadlands. That is their strength, to be the ones of glory and combat."

Callius smiled, "Think you can convince the Queen of Yiril to have them withdrawal?" The boy tilted his head, "Depends on what you mean by that, Your Highness." Callius turned back to the city, "By any means necessary." The boy was lost in thought for a moment before speaking again, "A pretty face is often the best way to sway human royalty."

Callius nodded, "Have you earned your elvish name yet?" One of the highest honors a highborn could earn, an elvish name, he would no longer be seen as just a human or just a highborn, he would be seen as a trusted agent of Lothric. The boy shook his head, "No your Highness. My human name is Quill." Callius turned to Ambrus, "I shall grant you the honor of giving this boy his elvish name. We will have Yiril recede, we can focus on your plan. Something you can share now."

"I thank you, Your Majesty," Ambrus, bowing his head. "Our navy is woefully inadequate to face a large-scale war with. With only a few multipurpose vessels in our fleets, not many of which can contest with the airships of the other nations, we must redesign our force projection into one that exemplifies our might."

Ambrus gestured for his scrolls, unfolding the topmost and continuing, "Firstly, the Mistwave class of ships. The vessels require a modernization to better withstand the technology of today. Of the renovations I propose, the hull and armaments need a complete replacing. The replacement of the wooden hull in favor of steel is mandatory, as even our own artillery is capable of sinking these vessels with few shots. The cannons are also inadequate in weight, being capable of sinking merchant craft and little else. Yiril's own Lion class is a direct comparison to the craft, similar in displacement and tonnage. Of the weapons required to modernize the class to match their brigs, I propose the armaments be none other than our own weapons."

"The cannons are our own," spoke the king as Quill watched silently. "If I remember correctly, my uncle… your late father devised the means of unlocking blackpowder, the same as the Ruiner technology. It was he that designed our cannons."

"The technology my father unlocked may have been great for its time… however, it is crude and a burden within the navy. The requirements to make blackpowder require an industry and sophistication that we do not have… one that the Ruiners have dedicated themselves to and have since sustained. We possess the ability to create blackpowder; they possess the means to create it en masse. Even their own weapons surpass ours in craftsmanship."

"Careful of your words, Lord Mialee," Callius said, his tone dropping.

"My words are not slander but truth. Be it ancient technology, they have the advantage. One that I would strip from them," Ambrus spoke with confidence. "In my absence, I have been studying the ways of weapons and of magic. And I believe I have the means to revolutionize our forces and ensure the dominion of your great Empire."

Callius thought for a moment before nodding slightly. He did not want this meeting to extend into the night, merely gesturing as he said, "Continue with the assessment of the navy."

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