An average day

Eastern Yiril, near Achaea
Hector entered the tavern, keeping his head down. He listened to a few people talk,

"Apparently the Ruiners are making preparations, some say they are going to war."

"Lothric is working to build bigger weaponry, it's the Eradication War all over again."

"Marcus, the lion has done it again, he took down a great bandit lord."

Hector only shook his head in disappointment at the conversations, he approached the bartender, handing him a basket of baked goods. The man smiled, "Thank you Hector, and a thank you to your mother as well." Hector simply nodded. He turned and saw a woman reading a book, or more like trying to look that way, he thought nothing much of it and took a seat near a table. He pulled out a small book of parchment, he looked at the woman again, and decided to draw her reading. He pulled out his pencil qnd began to scribble.

A few hours passed, and Hector was lost in his drawing, he didn't notice the bartender left, leaving him vulnerable to the more, problematic patrons. A few tbugs sat by him, a large woman leered at him, "Hey, half red. Whatcha got there?" He closed the book and slid it into his jacket. One of the thugs shoved him, "Answer when spoken to!" He ignored them, which enraged the woman, who punched the young man, resulting in him falling. His book falling to the floor. He reached for it, but one of the thugs grabbed it, "Wow, nice art, so red of you." The others laughed, embarrassing the poor man, who could only look away. The thugs began to mock him.

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