"Wow, nice art, so red of you." The others laughed, embarrassing the poor man, who could only look away. The thugs began to mock him.

The woman handed it off to on of her thugs, before she crouched down to whisper in his ear. "Wouldn't it be a shame if we started to rip them, eh?" she asked.

Hector could see over her shoulder as a dark olive skinned man walk up to the one holding the book "You should give that book back."

"Oh this book?" the thug held it out to the man, and looked as though he was going to pull it away.

"That's the one." he replied calmly and quickly grabbing it, between his thumb and pointer finger, and delivering a solid chop of his other hand to the thugs neck, following up with a swift gut punch, when the man bent from the blow the olive skinned man's knee connected with the tormentors nose. Sending him backwards. "Thank you." he said holding the book daintily in the off hand.

As the man was going to place the book on the table, a second bully grabbed him from behind. "You think you're smart four eyes?"

"Not particularly." the held man retorted before slamming the back of his head into the man's face, and hip tossing the dazed punk onto the table.

"Is this your friend?!" the woman shouted at Hector. "I'm gonna make you watch me beat him, then I'll beat you." she said, her words misting Hectors face with spit.

As the woman stood the man let out a small sigh rolling up his sleeves. The larger woman threw two heavy haymakers, the man just dodging out of the way. She threw two more, and once her volley finished the man clapped both hands on the sides of her ears. Dazing her, before he delivered several body blows Hector had hard time seeing. As if the happened in a blink. The woman fell to her knees "How..." she said in an airless gasp before falling face down.

The man with olive skin picked up the book and dusted it off. "I think this is yours." he said, offering the book back to Hector.

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