The man with olive skin picked up the book and dusted it off. "I think this is yours." he said, offering the book back to Hector.

Hector gently took the book back and spoke quietly, "Thank you sir. You didn't have to do that." He slid the book back into his pocket. The bartender returned just in time to see the end of the conflict. "I'll report this to the guard, just because Merovingia was untouched by the Mad King of Lothric, doesn't mean they are to blame." He directed towards the onlookers, who shamefully looked away.

Soon, guards clad in lorica segmentata arrived, they cuffed the thigs in steel shackles, and picked them up. One of the guards gave a nod to the olive-skinned man, "Apologizes, we usually don't want our sister nation's citizens have to deal with that. Thank you for acting on these thugs, if you wish, we can have their trial in Achaea. We are neaar their territory."

Hector kept his mouth shut, one of the guards checked his body for any major damage, but he simply had some minor bruises, and a slighy noise bleed. The guard gave him a cloth to help with his noise, "Want something to ease those bruises?" The guard asked kindly. Hector gave a soft nod, in which the guard gave him a small jar filled with a clear gel. "Rub this on your bruises, it will help ease the pain." He took the jar and gave them a smile, "Thank you."


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