OOC - The Park is Open

Welcome to Jurassic World: Extinction!

This game is set in an alternative timeline to the Jurassic World Films, where the events of the two films didn't happen (or haven't happened yet...). After the first park became a success, InGen decided to develop Site B into another park with more features, and today, the park opens for the first time!

Right now, the game is in it's opening phase, meaning that right now, consider it a sandbox of sorts, something of an open world to explore. Characters can "explore" the park, interact with one another, while the stage is set for the twists and turns that always come in these situations. This stage can last as long as players like, and then the excitement can begin once we have a repertoire.

The idea is that in the next phase, members work together to come up with the plots of the game, as there will be many strands to follow. Escaped dinosaurs, corrupt executives, and more can be explored as we all decide the routes we want this game to take.

Please make sure you've read the Game Description and Game Information in full before joining, and feel free to use the existing characters as examples in your own game creation.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the game!

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